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BALTIC BEER STAR is a quality mark for beer, kvass and malt beverages produced in the Baltic States, which aims to help the consumers recognise the best products among a wide variety of beverages offered in the market. BALTIC BEER STAR contests create a healthy competition among the Baltic manufacturers, providing small brewers with a chance to introduce their products, while allowing the large manufacturers to keep competing for the excellence in their field. If a drink is marked with one of the BALTIC BEER STAR medals, don’t question its quality – it will definitely be an outstanding sample of the harmony of taste!








Fee for participation in the competition shall be as follows:


EUR 100 (one hundred) per product (without VAT 21%).


Should a contestant wish to submit several PRODUCTS, the following discounts shall apply:


  • Four PRODUCTS – 5%
  • Five and more PRODUCTS 10%.

Brewers with production amount of up to 75 000 litres per year and home-workers shall have a 50% discount for participation in the competition. 


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