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BALTIC BEER STAR 2016 has concluded. Winners are announced.

BALTIC BEER STAR 2016 has concluded. Winners are announced.


On 7th of September in international food exhibition RIGA FOOD 2016 best of the best BALTIC BEER STAR 2016 participants were awarded.

This year gold medal in Baltic region went to Estonian manufacturer ‘’Bakunin’’ beer ‘’TOP Fuel’’, but in kvas, must and malt drink group – SIA ‘’Bauskas alus’’ produced drink ‘’Veselība’’

However, silver medal was awarded to local brewed beers -  “Užavas gaišais alus”, “Aldara Porteris” and “Aldaris 1865 alus”, Latgales alus “Melnā pērle”, Stargorod  “Dzintara-Stricka alus”, “Mežpils alus”, “Brālis gaišais”, “Brālis tumšais”, “Tērvete tumšais”, “Bauskas “Premium””, also Estonian “Viru Premium Estonian beer”, “Lager”, “Tafel Bier”, “Hiiumaa Hele”, “Tōmmu lidlane” and Belarusian “Duplet strong”.

Bronze award went to local brewed beers – “Mežpils senču alus”. “Dinaburga”, “Meistara alus gaišais”, Lithuanian “Senojo Pasavalio porteris”, “Rinkuškiū Drumstas”, “Alus Vilniaus Tamsusis”, “Senojo Pasvalio Tamsusis”, “Senojo Pasvalio Šviesusis”, and also Belarussian “Žiguļovskaja” un “Pivo legenda”.

In Kvas category silver medal was awarded to  “Iļģuciema kvass “Porter””, “Iļģuciema veselības dzēriens”, “Tērvetes Godu”, “Piebalgas oriģinālais kvass”, Lithuanian “Senojo Pasvalio Gira” un “Gerimas karamisas”, also “Bauskas alus” drink “Kombucha”, which is naturally fermented from tea fungus and  tējas sēnes un nedalīti ieguva žūrijas simpātijas, pārsteidzot ar lielisko garšas buķeti.

Bronze in this category was awarded to “Ilgezzem Oriģinālais”, “Tērvete «Saimes””, also lithuanian “Retro”.

Competition expet jury evalueted samples from more than 20 beer breweries from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarussia, Russia. Jury consisted of 12 members brom Baltic countries and Germany. Astrida Ruško, a beer expert with many years of experience, was be the Head the Competition Committee, but the position of the deputy chairman of the committee is assigned to beer expert Baiba Eliasa.

Goal of the competition is to promote manufacturing of a qualitative and harmless production and improve the offer to consumers, increase the competitive ability of the production within the Baltic and European market.



Press release made by – Agnese Feldmane,

competition BALTIC BEER STAR director.

phone 67227208; 27730430,

e-mail - info@balticbeerstar.lv


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